Ship Happens…Just Sayin’

I posted the card below to my FB.  Didn’t know what others would say, but I happen to like the new Unity Stamp set I just got in and had to make a card straight away with it…so here it is:


     I used washi tape for the borders and did a triangle of circles for a challenge I wanted to enter.  Didn’t enter it, though because 1. no SU! stamps and 2. didn’t know what others might think about it.  I love punny sayings and thought this set was a riot!  I really think OWH would love it, too, especially for the sailors out there.

     So…what are YOUR thoughts on this set?  I’m not trying to offend anyone, just thought it was too cute.

Hugs and keep smilin’…

Sunshine Sharon

P.S. – life is to short not to have a few laughs daily!

About sunshinelouisiana

I love God and Country and am obsessed with paper crafting...just can't seem to get enough of it! I love my virtual friends I make on-line and our group is growing by leaps and bounds! Let's play!
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8 Responses to Ship Happens…Just Sayin’

  1. lbcrafter says:

    I Love this card! Everything on it! If somebody is offended they really need a good night out! 😉

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  2. lostinpaper says:

    Yes definitely a smile on my face right now Sharon, I can see why you like this set so much. Your card is fabulous and the washi is the perfect accompaniment, my washi tape only seems to be here to be looked at, thanks for the inspiration!

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  3. Love punny cards 🙂 I especially love nautical….this is fun!

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  4. love how you added the washi tape.. such a cute card..


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