Just Checking…ah, ha! I Found Some Trucker Images!!!

I have been trying for some time to find trucker images, so I can make some for Mike, since that is his passion {and job} for quite a while and finally found some over at Doodle Pantry!!!  YAY!!  I am so pumped!  They offer them in both colored and uncolored, but I was so excited, I decided to use the colored ones first, then will try on my own coloring at a later date.  So, here they are:

You're On A RollThis one has a sentiment on the inside that reads…On A Roll.  I absolutely adore these images!  Here’s another…

Honk If You Like TrucksAnd, of course, I added the sentiment, Honk if you like trucks…of course, I do!!

Please leave a message if you like trucks…teehee!

Short post today, but I’ll be back soon.

Hugs and keep smiling!

Sunshine Sharon

About sunshinelouisiana

I love God and Country and am obsessed with paper crafting...just can't seem to get enough of it! I love my virtual friends I make on-line and our group is growing by leaps and bounds! Let's play!
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4 Responses to Just Checking…ah, ha! I Found Some Trucker Images!!!

  1. lostinpaper says:

    These trucks are totally cool, I think I’ve only ever seen truck images for kids before these. Can’t wait to see some that you colour yourself too!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. those trucks are awesome.. great coloring..


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